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Discover the impact Windows 7 can have on your business with its hot new capabilities, power features, turbocharged virtualization secrets, and more. 

IDF 09: Intel demos Moblin At the Intel Developer Forum, Intel product manager Claire Alexander shows a demo of the Linux-based, open-source operating system Moblin, which will include next-generation mobile features such as a touch-screen interface.
As soon as Microsoft releases the final bits of a new Windows release to manufacturing -- and often before -- many users' thoughts turn to what's next. Windows 7 was released to manufacturing in late July. By late August, Microsoft's Windows client unit already was turning the crank on Windows...
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Coollector Movie Database Track the movies you've seen and manage your video collection. Easy to use and completely free, Coollector is a huge encyclopedia of movies and series, combined with a database of existing videos.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

  • LiberKey Standard (94 applications)
  • LiberKey Basic (26 applications).

  • A rigorous selection among more than 1800 applications
    100% mobility with portable applications

  • Updates of LiberKey directly by Internet
  • You can temporarily associate files extensions (.avi, .jpg, doc.,…) with LiberKey applications
  • Optimization of launching and installed size
  • And, it is free, without virus, spyware, adware, popup, etc.

    Liberkey is a repository for files that will run on your USB memory stick.

    There are 3 types of Liberkey: Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. Each version has more files. The beauty of Portable programs like this is that you DO NOT have to install them in Windows. You can put your USB stick in any computer and run the program you want leaving no trace on the host computer.

    I personally use portable programs because they load faster.

    folder_icons/dir_violet.gif LiberKey Basic

    To access LiberKey Basic suite.

    folder_icons/dir_green.gif LiberKey Standard

    To access LiberKey Standard suite.

    folder_icons/dir_red.gif LiberKey Ultimate

    To access LiberKey Ultimate suite.

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