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ZDNET Articles, Freeware and Issues - September 21, 2009

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Christopher Dawson: For 95% of what we do, Google Apps does the trick quite nicely and allows people to work together. For a wide swath of users, however, getting them to jump into the cloud and leave their biases in favor of Office behind is remarkably difficult.

Microsoft workaround for critical SMB2 fl
Bahama' botnet linked to click-fraud surge hacked, serving malware cocktail
Sun patches 'critical' StarOffice/StarSuite flaw
Phishers introduce 'Chat-in-the-Middle' fraud tactic

TalkBack Why is it that people believe they need Office to write a letter home to parents?
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ZDNet Blogs

A close-up look at the new Office Web Apps

The art of blog: credibility is in the eye of the beholder

Linux and open source are not enough

The democratization of IT

Palm's growth plan: Can it work in a changing mobile market?
Most Rated Posts

Microsoft's newest Windows 7 promotion: $30 price tag for students

Microsoft Office Web Apps go to testers: Ten things to know

Google calls Apple on their lies

20 hours to upgrade Windows 7 ... maybe, but it's a fringe case

Zune HD review roundup: excellent hardware and UI, apps lacking
TechRepublic Hot Topics

Save the PC: A petition to Microsoft and Apple

Cloud apps are quietly winning over CIOs, but security still spooks many

Lay the groundwork for a smooth Snow Leopard upgrade

The 10 biggest moments in IT history

Micromanagers going too far
Latest from SmartPlanet

Cheaper, better, eyeglasses, thanks to nanotechnology

Hate business meetings? Read this post

The number one key to sales mastery

From rust to resolve: can Michigan regain the 'upper hand'?
Photo Galleries

Office Web Apps Technical Preview In September 2009, Microsoft made a partial technical preview of its new Office Web Apps suite available for a select group of testers and partners. What can you do with these "streamlined" Office programs, and which features are missing?

Concept cars at the Frankfurt auto show

From robo-pills to cyber-surgeons

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ZDNet Videocasts

What makes IBM's 'green' data center tick CNET News' Martin LaMonica gets a tour of IBM's lab for green IT where the data center uses networked sensors and liquid cooling to lower energy use.

Urban Hopper bot leaps over 25-foot fence

Sony PSP Go preview event

Zune HD (32GB - platinum) The Zune HD delivers one of the best portable music and video experiences money can buy. At a time when many people have shifted their focus to games and applications, providing a killer media experience may not be enough for potential Zune buyers. 

Sony STR-DN1000 The Sony STR-DN1000 offers solid sound and basic AV receiver features at a bargain price, but it's not nearly as good as last year's STR-DG920.

Popular Download Resources
System Explorer 1.5 This full-featured system analyzing tool lets you take a sneak peek at everything that's going on in your system.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

TweakNow PowerPack 2009 1.6.4
A fully-integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

AVG LinkScanner 8.5.334 AVG LinkScanner is the most effective protection against poisoned web pages.
License: Free
Platform: Windows

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